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Paranormal Toledo

Explore the darker side of Toledo’s past during a visit to one of our spooky sites.  

Collingwood Arts Center
2413 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo | 419-244-2787

About: Registered as a historical site, this imposing structure is a mix of Gothic and Romanesque styles. The construction was completed and ready for occupancy on September 6, 1905. The structure is now used for artists in residence and visual arts studios.

Hauntings & Tours: There is a long history of orbs being seen and photographed throughout the facility.  Check the website and Facebook page for regularly scheduled Ghost Hunts and Paranormal Toledo events.

Fort Meigs: Ohio’s War of 1812 Battlefield
29100 W. River Rd., Perrysburg, OH | 419-874-4121

About: Built in 1813 to defend Ohio during the War of 1812, Fort Meigs successfully withstood two sieges by a combined British, Canadian, and Native American force. The ground was broken on February 2, 1813, under the orders of General William Henry Harrison, who wanted to fortify the region. Throughout the next three months, professional soldiers and militiamen alike persevered through cold winter weather and mud that would at times be knee-deep. Despite horrid weather and disease in the camp, the American army was able to complete Fort Meigs by the end of April 1813, just in time for a British attack.

Hauntings & Tours: Fort Meigs is a popular historic destination, but it’s also reported to be home to restless spirits that still walk the grounds late at night.  Chris Woodyard, author of the Haunted Ohio series, wrote about her personal experience at Fort Meigs in her book, Haunted Ohio V.  Explore the Fort at night and find out for yourself during the annual Garrison Ghostwalks, the last two Friday and Saturday nights in October. 

The Oliver House
27 Broadway St., Toledo | 419-243-1302

About: A grand hotel in the 1800s was converted into restaurants and events venue in 1995. Designed in the Greek revival style, The Oliver House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the only remaining hotel designed by Isaiah Rogers. This pre-civil war hotel houses Maumee Bay Brewing Company, Maumee Bay Brew Pub, Rockwell’s Steakhouse, Rockwell’s Lounge, Mutz Sports Bar and The Café, as well as striking event and meeting space.

Haunting & Tours: The Oliver House served as a medical center for the wounded during the Spanish-American War and this historic hotel has a haunted reputation. Numerous apparitions have appeared to guests and diners over the years. The most common is that of a soldier who has come to be known as “The Captain.” He is said to show up most frequently dressed in full uniform. Paranormal investigations and strange sightings are common here. The Oliver House hosts Haunted Brew Tours on select days each October; check the website for details. 

Toledo Yacht Club
3900 Summit St., Toledo | 419-726-3485

About: The Toledo Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the US. The TYC’s history dates to the mid-1800s when rowing was much more popular and power boats were still a dream. A disastrous fire totally destroyed the frame building on the current site in 1906. The present masonry clubhouse was completed in 1908.  

Haunting & Tours: As one of the country’s oldest yacht clubs, it is reportedly one of the most haunted as well.  In 2016, the SyFy Channel’s TAPS Ghost Hunters filmed Ghosthunters – Children in the Attic on location here. The TYC hosts Public Ghost Hunts; see the website or Facebook details.

Wolcott Heritage Center & Grounds
1035 River Rd., Maumee, OH | 419-893-9602

About: Named for James Wolcott, a prosperous businessman during the late 1820's to the mid 1840's, the Wolcott House is the only building original to the site. Built by James Wolcott and his wife, Mary Wells, the Wolcott House began as a log house and evolved into a beautiful 14-room Federal-style mansion between the years 1827 and 1836.

Hauntings & Tours: The Wolcott House is home to some playful spirits who move objects and open doors. Witnesses also have heard unexplained footsteps and whispers. Guided tours are available Saturday afternoons May through mid-December. Check website for tour times. Group tours available by appointment.