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Our Team

Image of Lance Woodworth, CATP

Lance Woodworth, CATP

President and CEO
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Image of Mark Brazeau, CHIA, CATP

Mark Brazeau, CHIA, CATP

Director of Group Sales and Relationship Management
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Market Segments: Tradeshows

Image of Jayme Mazur, CATP

Jayme Mazur, CATP

Senior Relationship Manager
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Market Segments: Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility, Religious

Image of Eric Heinemann, CATP

Eric Heinemann, CATP

Relationship Manager
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Market Segments: Corporate, Third-Party Meeting Planners

Image of Lissa Cleary, CATP

Lissa Cleary, CATP

Relationship Manager
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Market Segments: Columbus, Ohio | Associations

Image of Emily Moore Kurth, CATP

Emily Moore Kurth, CATP

Group Services Coordinator
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Market Segments: Group Services, Motorcoach

Image of Cathy Miller, CATP

Cathy Miller, CATP

Partnership Development Manager
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Image of Caleigh Heuring, CATP

Caleigh Heuring, CATP

Director of Marketing & Communications
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Image of Kendahl Plank, CATP

Kendahl Plank, CATP

Marketing Specialist
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Image of Lexi Burton, CATP

Lexi Burton, CATP

Leisure Sales Marketing Specialist
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Image of Eric Strayer, CATP

Eric Strayer, CATP

Group Sales Marketing Specialist
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Image of Sherri Hudson, CATP

Sherri Hudson, CATP

Office Manager
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