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Meet Me at the Fair - Special Exhibit

Meet Me at the Fair - Special Exhibit

Fulton County Museum
​8848 State Highway 108
Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Exhibit remains open through September 2024


Open Monday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

and Sunday Noon - 4 pm

NOTICE: No Sunday Hours from
Labor Day thru Memorial Day

Have you ever wondered about the early days of the Fulton County Fair? Stop by soon to explore the “Meet Me at the Fair” exhibit to learn more about the history of one of the best and biggest fairs in Ohio! This fun and interactive exhibit shares many unique artifacts, videos, and fun facts about the history of the Fulton County Fair! Guests of all ages will enjoy seeing 4-H projects and books, entertainment posters, promotional items, and fair photos from days-gone-by. By popular demand, this fun exhibit has been held over and will remain open through September 2024!

A Bit of Fair History . . .
The Fulton County Fair is 166 years old this year. The first Fair was held just east of Ottokee on ten rented acres. Everyone pitched in to prepare the grounds and construct some buildings. The site was too small for a racetrack, so the main forms of competition were plowing and wood chopping.

In 1865, thanks to Colonel Howard and friends, the Agricultural Society moved the Fair to its present location. The original plot was 40 acres and cost $500.00. It took a lot of work with oxen to fit the grounds and build a racetrack at the cost of $1,500.00, but the Fair opened on time in 1911. When the work was complete, the Agricultural Society deeded the land to the county commissioners.

​The first Junior Fair was created in 1902, and the co-operative OSU Extension Office took over in 1918. The county fair has been the best venue for showing off new inventions designed by Fulton County businesses and promoting sales and services. From trapeze artists to famous music groups, the Fulton County Fair has been known for its top-notch entertainment. In 1957, barn dances and circus acts were replaced with Labor Day Grand Ole Opry shows, including Barbara Mandrel, Roy Clark, The Oak Ridge Boys and Alabama. Contests like horseshoe pitching, pulling competitions, and a demolition derby later filled up the week-long schedule. Rides have entertained children, and fair food favorites keep people returning year-after-year. In 1949, games were brought to the fair, camping was started in 1964 and 15 rides were added in 1975.