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Earth Week at Imagination Station

Earth Week at Imagination Station

Imagination Station
1 Discovery Way
Toledo, OH

Tuesday - Saturday, April 18 - 22, 2023

Call in the (DE)construction crews, it's time for a larger-than-life Toy Take Apart!

Grab some safety googles and tools and let's discover how our remote control cars and gaming controllers work and take them apart! Toys and small appliances are filled with mechanisms, circuitry, wires and lights that can be recycled. Did you know that more than 50 million tons of electronics are discarded every year? The United States also happens to be the biggest producer of e-waste with less than 18% of being properly recycled.

Let's do our part to make a difference!

Instead of throwing away your old toys and electronics, bring them to the science center. The whole family can learn how to use common hand tools, explore mechanics, learn the value of recycling and meet some of our favorite science explorers, Ms. Frizzle and Blippi!

Correct recycling goes a long way. Not only does it reduce the strain on Earth's limited resources, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and energy consumption.

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